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Cheap HP PPP016L AC adapter battery charger for HP Pavilion ZD7000,ZV5000 Series

HP PPP016L laptop ac adapter specifically designed for your HP Pavilion ZD7000,ZV5000 Series laptop, HP PPP016L adapter battery charger sold in our website are 100% brand new and lowest price, Shopping with us is safe and secure. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

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    Discount HP PPP016L NZ adapter power supply
  • Brand: HP
  • Capacity: 100~240V 50~60 Hz
  • Voltage: 18.5V~6.5A
  • Iteam Code: MBA-HPP011
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Replacement HP PPP016L adapter description

  • high quality price laptop ac adapter.
  • HP PPP016L adapter is brand new,100% OEM compatible!
  • 1 years quality warranty and 30-day money back guarantee!
  • We accept credit card payment through PayPal payment system
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HP PPP016L laptop power supply details:
AC input voltage : 100~240V 50~60 Hz
DC output : 18.5V~6.5A
Connector : 5.5mm X 2.5mm
Power : 120W
HP Pavilion ZD7000,ZV5000 Series adapter charger power cord supply replacement Partno:
316688-003, 317188-001 316682-003, 316688-001, 316688-002, 344895-001, HPOW121F3, PA-1121-02H, PA-1121-12H, PPP017s, PPP016L, PPP017H, PPP017L, PA-1121-02H, PA-1121-12H, DC687A, DC687A#ABA, DC790A, F1454A, F1781A, F4814A
HP Pavilion ZD7000,ZV5000 Series AC power adapter fits laptop models:

HP Pavilion ZD7000 Series:
ZD7000, ZD7001ea, ZD7001us, ZD7005ea, ZD7005qv, ZD7005us, ZD7009ea ZD7010ca, ZD7010ea, ZD7010us,
ZD7012ea, ZD7015us ZD7020us, ZD7030us, ZD7035ea, ZD7038ea, ZD7040ea, ZD7040us, ZD7045ea, ZD7048ea,
ZD7049ea, ZD7050, ZD7050ea, ZD7050us, ZD7055ea, ZD7058cl, ZD7060ea, ZD7063ea, ZD7065ea, ZD7066ea,
ZD7070ea ZD7101, ZD7101us, ZD7102us, ZD7112ea, ZD7120ea, ZD7128ea, ZD7129ea, ZD7131ea, ZD7139ea,
ZD7140us, ZD7141, ZD7141ea, ZD7143ea, ZD7144ea, ZD7145ea, ZD7150ea, ZD7160us, ZD7168cl, ZD7168ea,
ZD7169ea, ZD7170ea, ZD7180us, ZD7188cl, ZD7198cl, ZD7202us, ZD7228ea, ZD7230ea, ZD7230us, ZD7235ea,
ZD7245ea, ZD7249cl , ZD7250ea, ZD7255ea, ZD7258ea, ZD7260ea, ZD7260us, ZD7265ea, ZD7269cl, ZD7280us ZD7310ca,
ZD7310us, ZD7320ea, ZD7348ea, ZD7349ea, ZD7360us, ZD7373ea, ZD7374ea, ZD7375ea, ZD7376ea, ZD7080ea,
ZD7377ea, ZD7380ea, ZD7380us, ZD7382ea, ZD7383ea, ZD7390ea, ZD7392ea, ZD7395ea ZD7998us, ZD7999us

HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series Laptops:
ZV5000, ZV5000T, ZV5000Z,ZV5001, ZV5001AP, ZV5001US, ZV5002, ZV5002AP, AV5003, ZV5003AP ZV5014,
ZV5014EA, ZV5015, ZV5015EA, ZV5016, ZV5016EA ZV5025, ZV5025AP, ZV5026, ZV5026AP, ZV5027, ZV5027AP,
ZV5028, ZV5028AP, ZV5029, ZV5029AP ZV5030, ZV5030CA, ZV5030US, ZV5034, ZV5034US, ZV5037,
ZV5037WM ZV5040, ZV5040EA, ZV5045, ZV5045EA

HP Pavilion ZV5100 Series Laptops:
ZV5101ap, ZV5101us, ZV5102ap, ZV5103, ZV5103ap, ZV5105us, ZV5111ea, ZV5112ea, ZV5113ea,
ZV5114ea, ZV5115ea, ZV5116ea, ZV5117ea, ZV5119ea ZV5120ca, ZV5120us, ZV5121ea, ZV5122ea,
ZV5123ea, ZV5124ea, ZV5129cl, ZV5129ea, ZV5131ea, ZV5132ea, ZV5133ea, ZV5134ea, ZV5136ea,
ZV5138ea ZV5140ea, ZV5142ea, ZV5142qv, ZV5143ea, ZV5149ea, ZV5150ea, ZV5157ea, ZV5159ea ZV5160ca,
ZV5160ea, ZV5160us, ZV5161ea, ZV5167ea, ZV5168ea, ZV5169cl, ZV5169ea, ZV5171ea, ZV5173ea,
ZV5175ea, ZV5180ea, ZV5183ea, ZV5185ea, ZV5191ea

HP Pavilion ZV5200 Series Laptops:
ZV5200ea, ZV5201ea, ZV5202ea, ZV5202us, ZV5203ea, ZV5204ea, ZV5205ap, ZV5205ea, ZV5206ap, ZV5207ap,
ZV5207ea, ZV5208ap, ZV5208ea, ZV5209ap, ZV5209ea ZV5210ap, ZV5210ca, ZV5210ea, ZV5210us, ZV5211ap,
ZV5211ea, ZV5212ap, ZV5212EA, ZV5213ap, ZV5213ea, ZV5214ap, ZV5214ea, ZV5215ap, ZV5215ea, ZV5216ap,
ZV5217ap, ZV5217ea, ZV5218ea, ZV5219ea ZV5220ca, ZV5220us, ZV5222EA, ZV5223EA, ZV5225ea, ZV5226ea,
ZV5227ea, ZV5227wm, ZV5228ea, ZV5229ea ZV5230ea, ZV5230us, ZV5231ea, ZV5232ea, ZV5233ea, ZV5234ea,
ZV5235ca, ZV5235ea, ZV5235us, ZV5236ea, ZV5237ea, ZV5238ea, ZV5240ca, ZV5240us, ZV5240xx, ZV5245ea,
ZV5246ea, ZV5247la, ZV5250ea, ZV5255ea, ZV5255us, ZV5257la ZV5260us, ZV5265ea, ZV5267la, ZV5268ea,
ZV5269ea, ZV5270ea, ZV5270us, ZV5271ea, ZV5272ea, ZV5285ea, ZV5287la, ZV5290ea

HP Pavilion ZX5000 Series Laptops:
ZX5000, ZX5000 (CTO), ZX5001, ZX5001us, ZX5002, ZX5002ea, ZX5003ea, ZX5005ea, ZX5008ea ZX5010ea,
ZX5011ea, ZX5012ea, ZX5020ea, ZX5022ea ZX5030ea, ZX5035ea, ZX5037ea, ZX5038ea, ZX5039ea ZX5040ca,
ZX5040ea, ZX5040us, ZX5041ea, ZX5042ea, ZX5043ea, ZX5044ea, ZX5045ea, ZX5049ea ZX5050ea, ZX5051ea,
ZX5052ea, ZX5060us, ZX5065us, ZX5070us, ZX5078cl

HP Pavilion ZX5100 Series Laptops:
ZX5109ea, ZX5113ea, ZX5128ea, ZX5129ea, ZX5151ea, ZX5159, ZX5170ea, ZX5180us, ZX5190us

HP Pavilion ZX5200 Series Laptops:
ZX5265ea, ZX5273ea, ZX5275ea, ZX5280us

Compaq Presario R3000 and ZT Series:
R3000, R3000XX, R3000US, R3005, R3005US, R3015, R3015US, R3017, R3017CL, R3045, R3045US, R3050,
3R050US Series ZT3068, ZT3068CL Series PC 3019CL, PC 3020US,PC 3045US, PC 3050US, PC 3070US PC 3080US

HP Pavilion D Series:
DM788A, DM788AR,DM790A,DM790AR,DM791A, DM791AR,DM793A,DM793AR,DN730AV,DP353E,DP446U, DP447U,DP448U,
DP448UR , DP761E, DP762E,DP763E,DP764E, DP765E ,DP766E,DP768E,DP769E,DP770E DR340U, DR768E, DR770E,
DR769E,DR089U, DR089UR,DT859U

HP/Compaq Business Notebooks:
Nx9000, Nx9010, Nx9020, Nx9110, Nx9500

HP Pavilion ZV5300 Series Laptops:
ZV5301ap, ZV5301ea, ZV5302EA, ZV5303ea, ZV5304EA, ZV5307EA, ZV5308ea ZV5310ea, ZV5310us, ZV5315ea,
ZV5316us, ZV5320ca, ZV5320ea, ZV5320us, ZV5321EA, ZV5322EA, ZV5323ea, ZV5324ea, ZV5325ca, ZV5325ea,
ZV5326ea, ZV5326us-b, ZV5327ea, ZV5328ea, ZV5329ea ZV5330ca, ZV5330us, ZV5331ea, ZV5340ea, ZV5340us,
ZV5342qv, ZV5343us, ZV5346us, ZV5347wm, ZV5348rs, ZV5356us-b, ZV5357ea, ZV5358ea, ZV5359ea, ZV5360us,
ZV5362ea, ZV5364ea, ZV5365EA, ZV5366ea, ZV5367ea, ZV5367wm, ZV5368ea, ZV5369ea, ZV5370us, ZV5371ea, ZV5372ea,
ZV5373EA, ZV5374ea, ZV5375EA, ZV5376EA, ZV5377ea, ZV5378ea, ZV5379ea ZV5380ea, ZV5380us, ZV5381ea, ZV5382ea,
ZV5383ea, ZV5385ea, ZV5386US, ZV5390ea

HP Pavilion ZV5400 Series Laptops:
ZV5400, ZV5400t, ZV5401ap, ZV5402ap, ZV5402ea, ZV5403ap, ZV5403EA, ZV5404ap, ZV5404ea, ZV5404us, ZV5405ap,
ZV5405ea, ZV5405us, ZV5406ap, ZV5407ea, ZV5408ea, ZV5410EA, ZV5410us, ZV5411ea, ZV5412EA, ZV5413EA, ZV5414EA,
ZV5415ca, ZV5415EA, ZV5416EA, ZV5417ea, ZV5418ea, ZV5419ea, ZV5420ca, ZV5420ea, ZV5420us, ZV5421ea, ZV5422ea,
ZV5425EA ZV5430us, ZV5434RS, ZV5436EA, ZV5437EA, ZV5438ea ZV5440ea, ZV5440us, ZV5445EA, ZV5445us, ZV5446ea,
ZV5450ca, ZV5450EA, ZV5450us, ZV5452EA, ZV5454rs, ZV5455ea, ZV5455us, ZV5456cl, ZV5456ea, ZV5457EA, ZV5458EA ZV5460EA,
ZV5460us, ZV5462EA, ZV5463ea, ZV5464ea, ZV5465ea, ZV5466cl, ZV5466EA, ZV5467EA, ZV5468EA, ZV5469EA ZV5470EA, ZV5470us,
ZV5471EA, ZV5472ea, ZV5473ea, ZV5474EA, ZV5475ea, ZV5476EA, ZV5476cl ZV5480ea, ZV5481ea, ZV5482EA, ZV5384ea, ZV5485EA,
ZV5490EA, ZV5495EA, ZV5499ea

How to extended HP PPP016L adapter life ?
1. Do keep adapter charger power supply clean by a clean soft cloth, pencil eraser, or rubbing alcohol. Battery should be stocked in cool and dry places.
2. Do not expose HP PPP016L AC power adapter supply charger/Cord parts to water or other moist matters.
3. Do not pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the HP PPP016L AC adapter power charger.